Skype School: Students Share Their Comments

Students at Wyoming Valley Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School have been going to school each day via Skype since the governor closed the Commonwealth’s schools.  Students and teacher are continuing a full schedule and conducting all classes on a regular daily schedule.  Students receive group instruction as well as one-on-one instruction.

Thoughts from a 5th Grader:

Online school is really fun. I like the individual classes and group classes. I have time to complete my assignments when other students are having their classes, which makes me have less homework after school hours. I feel like I’m learning a lot, too, and the quality of my education is great.

I like that we can still see all our classmates with Skype School. With Skype School, I am home with my family.  I enjoy eating my lunch with them every day. When I’m on lunch break, I can also play with my dog.

Thoughts from a 7th Grader:

Online School has been a fun adventure. For the past few weeks there have been many highs and lows as we have settled into the whole process. For example, some of the highs have been the in depth discussions we have without any interruptions and the up-to-date print outs of missing work which we have been receiving every few days.  The lows have been occasional bad internet connections producing unintelligible audio and visuals, and sometimes the video feed is out of sync with the sound. However, we are working through these few problems. The students and teacher are managing just fine. Overall, I enjoy online school better than actually going to school because there are many fewer hassles like getting ready for school in the morning and riding the bus in the morning and afternoon.

Thoughts from an 8th Grader:

I think online school is a great thing. I used to be in an online school called PACyber. They had their system together. Doing online school allows some extra time to do other things like going outside or learning something new in addition to school work.