Health and Money

The Adventist Review highlights a recent story in a top business managazine on Seventh-day Adventists and their relation to health and money. The author “emphasizes many residents’ focus on exercise, recreation, and social ties,” which can, in turn, “help keep health-care costs down,” and how habits of industriousness, frugality, and tithing are key elements of money management.

“How Adventists Spend Their Money, According to Top Business Magazine”

“How the Oldest People in America’s Blue Zone Make Their Money Last”


Internet Addiction

Internet addiction refers to a pathological use of computers or technology that is characterized by intrusive urges to engage in online behaviors to an extent that contributes to significant impairments in daily life (e.g., relationships, school, physical health). The following articles from the Journal of Adventist Education may help you in recognizing this behavior and developing strategies to address it.

"Caught in the Net: Recognizing Internet Addiction in Youth"

"Recognizing and Avoiding Potential Triggers for Internet Gaming Addiction"