Students from our community who are willing to support the principles and regulations of the school and maintain the spiritual, moral, and scholastic atmosphere of the school are welcome to apply. The school does, however, reserve the right to refuse admittance, or to dismiss any student.

All applications will be carefully evaluated, references checked, and interviews held to determine approval or rejection of the applicant for attendance. Students are only accepted by action of the School Board. Each applicant will be notified to confirm his or her status.

See the Handbook for more information, or contact us with any questions.


  • For an Application Request, click HERE.

Note: When submitting the completed Application to the school, it must be accompanied by a copy of the prospective student’s Birth Certificate to verify age, birth date, place of birth, and parentage; a copy of current medical and immunization records for verifying that the child is in compliance with Pennsylvania immunization regulations; and pertinent educational records from any school previously attended including transcripts, attendance records, and citizenship report.

  • For a Registration Form, click HERE.

Note: All students who have been officially accepted into the student body will complete a Registration Form, submit the Registration Fee, and enter into a Financial Agreement with the school which reflects current fees and financial policies.

Tuition and Fees

Wyoming Valley SDA Elementary School is a tuition-based school. See the Handbook for current tuition rates and information.

Financial Aid

  • For information about the Three-Way Scholarship Plan, click HERE.

  • For the Financial Aid Request information sheet, click HERE.