Our Church Family

Locally, the school is sponsored by the Wyoming Valley, Slocum, Drums, Beaumont, Wilkes-Barre Spanish, and Berwick Seventh-day Adventist Churches.

We offer a three-way scholarship in which the school, a constituent church, and Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventist together assist students who attend a constituent church.

Partnering for Eternity (PFE)

We are especially proud of our partnership with Southern Adventist University’s “Partnering for Eternity” (PFE) program, which provides tuition assistance to qualifying students who spend an hour each week working with an elderly mentor. This program promotes service to others, the development of relationship skills, and sharing of faith.

Adventist Whole Health Network (AWHN)

We partner with AWHN to educate and empower children to make healthy lifestyle choices.

We have received a large "Healthy To Learn" grant from AWHN to improve health and wellness in our school and community.  Grant money will be used to purchase health education teaching materials for the classroom, purchase and install a new filtered and cooled water fountain, assist in providing bimonthly hot lunches for students, and presenting a community healthy eating seminar.

American Heart Association

We are also participating in the Kids Heart Challenge, sponsored by  the  American Heart Association.  Students are involved in a regular heart health program of exercise and nutrition awareness.

Rice Township Police Department

We partner with our local police department on their Community Safety Net program,  which provides educational safety materials for children and families on important topics such as fire prevention, drugs, personal safety, and health to help them make smart choices for life.

Weinberg Food Bank: Food 4 Kids

We partner with Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank, which is dedicated to providing access to safe, legal, healthy, and wholesome food products to food-insecure people.