Book Reports

Book Report Schedule and Criteria

Grades 1-8

2019-2020 School Year

Categories for book reports are based on the NAD reading program and are for the purpose of exposing students to many forms of literature.

Students should choose books that are suitable for their reading level. Students may select books from the public library as well as books from our own school library.

 Include the title of the book, author’s name, and # of pages in ALL book reports.

Due Date



Sept. 18


Biography or Autobiography of an American Leader

Role-play. Oral presentation. Use good speaking protocol.

Role-play the character. Dress the part. Tell about the life and accomplishments of the character in a first-person dialogue.

Write a short report explaining how this person impacted our nation and/or the world. Include a time line that outlines the individual’s accomplishments and importance. Use these materials during your oral presentation.

Oct. 16

My World

Learn about a world culture that is different than your own.

Oral only.

3-5 Minute Oral Presentation. Use the rules for good public speaking. Show pictures, share a food, use a map, compare the culture to the culture where you live. Note similarities and differences.

How can or are we sharing the story of Jesus with people in that culture?

Nov. 13

Living Things

God’s Second Book

Nature. Science. Wonders of Creation

Picture Essay

Gr. 1-3. Use a minimum of 8 pictures. Pictures are to be drawn by the student. Picture captions will be complete sentences. The Picture Essay should give a clear overview of the entire book.

Students in Gr. 4-8 should use 10 or more pictures and write well developed short paragraph captions. The Picture Essay should give a clear overview of the entire book.

Dec. 18

Spiritual Journey

Mission, Conversion,

Witnessing, Getting to Know God

Written only.

3-Paragraph Written Report. Briefly outline the main idea of the book. Explain the impact of the story on the lives of characters or the lives of those who read it.

Write an additional paragraph giving your own ideas about the importance or experience of Spiritual Growth in your own life.

Jan. 29

Friends & Family



Creative Presentation. At least one week in advance, talk with the teacher about how you will present.

Ideas – role play, audio tape, interview, picture essay, puppets, game, board talk, etc.

Reveal (show) the importance of positive relationships.

Feb. 26


People interacting with the natural world.



Taking care of the environment

Protecting habitat and species

Power Point. Develop a power point presentation. Use captions and pictures. Focus on the theme of your book. Tell what you learned.

Gr. 1-3 use at least 8 slides with complete sentence captions.

Gr. 4-8 use 10 or more slides. Write short paragraph captions.

March 25


History – any time period. Secular or Biblical.

18"x24" (approx.) Poster. Focus on the theme. Give attention to layout, lettering, color, neatness, and content.

Make an oral presentation. Use your poster as a visual aid.

April 22

Topic of your Choice.

Fiction. Literature. Poetry. Etc.

Presentation of your choice. At least one week in advance, talk with the teacher about how you will present.